About GenCell

Our Specialization: GenCell-TSBiotech specializes in the field of systems biology with a primary focus on combating ageing and age-related diseases.

We translate our research at (among others) on-demand screening assays (both cell-free and cell-based, as well as at in vivo experimental models) aiming to reveal bioactive natural products and/or small molecules with anti-ageing and/or anti-age-related diseases (e.g., cancer, neurodegeneration, etc.) activity. We also aim to offer comprehensive solutions for the commercialization of novel bioactive substances in the cosmeceuticals, dietary supplements and/or pharmaceuticals industry.

Our Drive: There is a critical need in the fields of cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals and/or pharmaceuticals for new bioactive substances (e.g., natural products or pure molecules) and/or high-tech screening services in different experimental models against a wide variety of biological targets.

Our Vision: The development of novel services and screening platforms against different biological targets towards the on-demand isolation of bioactive substances. We will act on our belief of high standards, integrity, and ethical behavior in order to deliver exceptional results.

Our Values: Innovation – Collaboration – Inclusion – Integrity – Commitment


Our Products

We provide on demand high-throughput screening assays and platforms to customers interested in evaluating the bioactivity of natural products, pure compounds, or drug libraries against a diverse range of biological targets.

GenCell-TSBiotech operates primarily in the cosmetics, food supplements, pharma and/or biotech industries and sell goods and services, that can be categorized as part(s) of these industries.

Our Business

Our Business: GenCellTS-business will be (mostly, but not only) focus in the commercialization of services towards the isolation of novel (or repurposing of existing) bioactive natural products (e.g., extracts, etc.) and/or pure molecules from various sources of the biosphere (e.g., plants, microorganisms, marine organisms, etc.). Further, GenCell-TSBiotech will develop bioactive substances with possible use in the whole range of industrial biotech applications including cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, etc.