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R&D Services

The “Problem”

The ageing of the human population globally has (among others) resulted in a significant increase of the so called non-communicable (or age-related) diseases and consequently in the need for novel treatments to enhance healthy ageing. It is also now apparent that the molecular-cellular basis of ageing and of all age-related diseases (e.g., cancer or neurodegeneration) is complex as for instance chronological age (referring solely to the passage of time) rarely matches biological age (indicates decline in function).

Our Solutions

Our business is (mostly, but not entirely) focusing on (customer-based) screening services of natural products and/or synthetic pure compounds or chemical libraries in a high-throughput mode against a wide variety of biological targets and/or conditions (e.g., aging, cancer, neurodegeneration, etc.).

Platform Technologies & Services

Systems Biology
Experimental Models
Phenotypic Screening
Target Screening
Assay Development

  • Methods/assays to measure biological age (from biomarkers to clocks)
  • Novel senotherapeutics (senolytics and/or senomorphics)
  • Bio-guided discovery of innovative cosmeceuticals, neutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals